Meet Heidi Kim Linh!


       She is the wonderful illustrator who has captured Noah Zarkadinkydoo and brought him lovingly onto the pages of this adventure. Heidi is a freelance illustrator from the Philippines who aspires to one day start her own children's book publishing firm.

       After commissioning designs from a few different artists and going through one huge setback, I was incredibly fortunate to come across Heidi. Being an animal lover herself, she immediately connected with the character and the story. We shared similar ideas and collaborated with such awesomeness on this book. I'm excited and eager to get started our next adventure!

Sneak Peaks & Behind the Scenes

Bringing the story to life...

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Noah's earlier designs by...

   Maheen                                                 Dave                                                  Darya

From concept to completion...

gallery/noah_znarkadinkydoo_1 (1)
gallery/noah_znarkadinkydoo_1 (1)

This series of illustrations shows the original concept sketch along with a few edits before the final illustration. Can you spot the changes?

Currently in progress is Noah's next few adventures, including an unexpected trip to a football game!


Stay tuned...